An email dashboard for your webshop that you can actually use

Get a full overview and achieve better results faster

Make complicated data easier and quicker to understand so you can turn data into action without it going to waste—even without being a data nerd-

These companies transform data into growth
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We’ve been in the same place as you

Poetype works daily with email for some of the country’s largest webshops. we’ve felt the frustration of not knowing why we were stagnating. mailmetrics was created to scale our clients’ businesses faster with the right data when needed.

Say goodbye to blind email marketing and become 100% datadriven


Mailmetrics improved our sales strategy by quickly showing customer behavior changes.
– Cathrine, Laudrup vin


We gained better insight into our data and improved communication with our customers.
– Simone, Skechers


Doubled my marketing ROI in a few months with clear insights from the dashboard.
– Christoffer, Neglefeber

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Gather all your data in one place and work smarter

By connecting and combining data intuitively and smartly, you can manage everything on one platform. no more juggling between tabs and chaotic platforms.

Eliminate guesswork and know your next move

Remove all uncertainties by always knowing what makes you successful down to the smallest detail so you can do more of what makes email a sound investment.

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Get unique data tailored to real needs

Most of our features and metrics aren’t available in your klaviyo dashboard, preventing you from staring at meaningless data and providing data you can use.

Data you've dreamed of but didn't know existed

Which days perform best?

Get insights into which days pave the way for your performance so you always send emails when your subscribers are most engaged.

Which messages perform best?

Get data on which types of emails generate the most engagement, allowing you to increase the frequency of good emails and improve the experience for your subscribers.

Which segments provide the most value?

Focus on the correct segments that are more likely to buy, so you always optimize for maximum revenue from your efforts.

How do you perform overall across multiple countries?

Get a direct financial status from multiple countries in one currency, and always have a complete overview of economic progress across borders.

Which flows generate the highest revenue?

Never doubt which flows create the most economic value, so you always know where to optimize to increase your kpi's.

Which times of day perform best?

Avoid sending emails at times that either go unnoticed or disturb your subscribers, ensuring your emails are always opened and interacted with.

Before Mailmetrics

Manual and time-consuming processes


Hours wasted on draining tasks


No overview of performance


Decisions without clear justification

After mailmetrics

Control over performance and continuous growth


Freed up time for important tasks


Always understanding your work


Growth through data-driven decisions

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MailMetrics gathers data from all our Klaviyo accounts, making it easy and clear to compare and analyze campaign and flow data across our markets. Now we are even better at differentiating and tailoring our email marketing and communication to our recipients.

– Simone Selin
Digital Marketing Coordinator hos Skechers

Frequently Asked Questions

Setup is included in the price, and our technical specialists ensure a quick and efficient process.

The dashboard is designed to be as intuitive as possible, allowing everyone on your team to navigate and understand the data.

You can purchase customization to include your visual and data preferences.

We continuously monitor the dashboard for optimal performance and provide support for any issues.

Data is tracked using a specific naming convention, and a step-by-step guide is provided.

MailMetrics offers a more straightforward and intuitive approach to understanding data, saving you time.

Currently, it is available for Klaviyo users, but we are exploring expansion options. Contact us for more information.